Vende más en Hot Sale 2024 con nosotros

3 things you should know for Hot Sale

Do you sell in any Marketplace?

Get ready to hit the big time at Hot Sale 2024!

Are you a seller on one of the most visited sites during this frenzied online shopping season? We explain why people buy during the Hot Sale:

1-.Take advantage of discounts and promotions: 57% of shoppers are looking for irresistible deals.

Convenience and timing: 39% find it convenient to make their purchases right now.

Better promotions and variety: 32% value exclusive promotions and the wide range of products available.

See the most purchased categories during the Hot Sale:

  • 40% Fashion
  • 24% Beauty and care
  • 23% Tablets and cell phones
  • 20% Audio and TVs

Do you know which are the most common promotions during Hot Sale?

We tell you here.

-1 to 10% off

-11% to 20% off

– 21% to 21% off

-Monthly interest free

We tell you which are the most used methods during Hot Sale:

  • Credit cards at 45% off
  • Debit cards at 41% off
  • Departmental cards by 12%.

Get ahead of the competition and use these insights to your advantage.

Make it part of your sales strategy!