How to use financing to boost your business on Amazon

Every successful business eventually faces the need to seek financing to drive its growth. As sales start to increase, new challenges arise, and it becomes necessary to take action to maintain momentum.

Inventory needs replenishing, product catalogs need expanding, investments need to be made in advertising campaigns to increase offer visibility, etc.

However, cash flow becomes an obstacle in this process.

Challenges of cash flow

When selling through Amazon, funds are not immediately available. Depending on whether Amazon’s logistics services are used or if the seller is responsible, it takes approximately 14 days before the money from a sale can be used. This hampers cash flow and ultimately harms business revenue.

By acquiring financing, growing businesses can address these problems. At Fairplay, we know that credit is the engine of growth when used appropriately, which is why we want small and medium-sized retail businesses to access the working capital they need. However, like any tool, it must be used properly to achieve the best results.

Next, we will discuss three ways Amazon sellers can use financing to help their businesses continue to grow.

1.- Maintain available inventory.

At first glance, selling a product quickly and running out of stock may seem positive for a seller; however, this can have a negative impact on Amazon’s search engine ranking.

For a marketplace, it is a risk for a potential buyer to search for a product and find it out of stock. Not finding what they are looking for, the user may try to find it with competitors, postpone their purchase, or even not make it. To avoid this, the platform prioritizes sellers with more inventory in the search engine and places those with less availability lower.

This is where financing comes in. By not having to wait for capital to become available, businesses can anticipate their sales and always have inventory available. This availability allows them to boost sales, obtain good user reviews, improve their reputation as sellers, and maintain a good position in the platform’s search engine.

2.- Improve your reputation as a seller:

After Amazon’s A10 algorithm update, which is responsible for sorting search engine results within Amazon, a seller’s reputation and authority are more relevant than ever.

Amazon considers several factors to determine a seller’s reputation, including:

  • Offer of available products
  • Quality of customer service
  • Seller rating
  • Rating and comments on the products
  • Time the seller has been on the platform.

By obtaining financing, it is possible to strategically invest to improve reputation on Amazon. A good option is to increase the available catalog. Stores that have a wide range of products can cover various user needs and cover more categories, increasing the likelihood that a buyer will purchase several things in one purchase.

3.- Amazon Ads:

Investing in advertising increases visibility within the store, reaches more customers, and increases sales. But it must be done strategically. Acquiring financing to use it in ads is an excellent way to drive business growth.

Through Amazon Ads, platform sellers can manage their PPC campaigns. They can analyze their campaigns and set up how their investment is spent according to the results they seek. It is also one of the variables that Amazon’s search engine algorithm takes into account.

To make the most of ads, it is advisable to consider the following points:

Constantly monitor keywords:

Identify which keywords are most relevant to your audience using Amazon’s platform tools. Review and adjust constantly. If you notice that the results are not as desired, consider experimenting and testing with new words.

Seek the best return on investment:

According to JungleScout, 59% of Amazon sellers are concerned about the increase in the cost per click of advertising on the platform. This is due to the increase in users and consequently in competition.

But to ensure a higher return on investment, focus your advertising on products with a higher profit margin. This way, even if the cost per click increases, you will maintain healthy margins.

Flexible financing that adjusts to your needs:

These are some ways you can use financing to give your business the boost it needs. At Fairplay, we know that every business has its own needs, which is why we offer flexible working capital to help businesses achieve their business goals.

We want more and more retail companies to have access to the financial tools they need to continue growing.

If you want to know more about how Fairplay helps businesses in the retail sector grow, visit or follow them on their social networks.

5 tips to reduce cart abandonment rate on Shopify

1-. Send abandoned cart alerts

Reconnect through emails and ads that remind customers of what’s waiting for them in their cart.

2-. Offer different payment methods to new customers

A guest checkout option allows shoppers to complete their purchase without creating an account.

3-. Apply loyalty rewards

When customers know that completing their current purchase will earn them points toward discounts on future purchases, they are more likely to complete the transaction.

4-. Be transparent with your costs

If there are other costs, communicate them to customers. This way, shoppers won’t feel surprised and want to run away when they see these costs during the checkout process.

5-. Ask your customers for feedback

Learn from feedback to continually improve experiences.

Satisfied customers generate satisfied carts.

Use these tips when selling on Shopify with us!

How to boost your Marketplace with financing

With the capital of the financing you can:

  • Invest in technology and data analysis
  • Expand your inventory
  • Invest in advertising
  • Improve shipping logistics
  • Grow your team

Meet the retail financing experts!


They offer credit for businesses seeking capital to invest in inventory, logistics or marketing. Fairplay analyzes each business using data intelligence to understand the potential of each business and drive growth.

4 tools to automate your business


Page that allows you to train and create chatbots in seconds by means of web pages, PDF and documents.

2. Zapier

Tool that allows you to create flows to automate tasks, extract information, answer emails, copy information and much more.

3. ManyChat

Website to automate message responses from platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and Whatsapp.

4. Metricool

Tool that will allow you to plan and automate the publication of your content on different social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok.

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