Mejora tu salud como vendedor

Improve your health as an amazon seller

Encourages positive reviews:

Customer feedback is very important for purchasing decisions, drive positive reviews for your products:

-Ask your customer to leave feedback after purchasing.

-Use a feedback software to ask for their opinions to increase positive reviews.

Responds quickly to customers:

Amazon requires sellers to respond to your inquiries within 24 hours, having a standardized response has a positive impact, which will encourage:

-The credibility of your account

-Increase customer satisfaction

-It will strengthen your buyer’s confidence.

Accurate description of your products:

It is essential to present your product accurately to help the buyer make an objective decision, stand out:

-Key aspects such as main application

-Materials used

-Dimensions and weights


-Available colors

Ship products on time

Amazon values a reputation for fast shipping and expects its third-party sellers to uphold this standard:

-Dispatch orders within the established time frame.

-Establish shipping policies for your products.

-Use the Fullfilment by Amazon (FBA) service.

Maintain competitive prices

Price significantly influences consumers’ decisions, sellers that maintain their prices tend to have a good health in their account, they offer:

-Competitive pricing

-Pricing software

-Promotions in their catalogs

Improve the health of your Amazon account with us!