Vende más en Hot Sale 2024 con nosotros

3 things you should know for Hot Sale

Do you sell in any Marketplace?

Get ready to hit the big time at Hot Sale 2024!

Are you a seller on one of the most visited sites during this frenzied online shopping season? We explain why people buy during the Hot Sale:

1-.Take advantage of discounts and promotions: 57% of shoppers are looking for irresistible deals.

Convenience and timing: 39% find it convenient to make their purchases right now.

Better promotions and variety: 32% value exclusive promotions and the wide range of products available.

See the most purchased categories during the Hot Sale:

  • 40% Fashion
  • 24% Beauty and care
  • 23% Tablets and cell phones
  • 20% Audio and TVs

Do you know which are the most common promotions during Hot Sale?

We tell you here.

-1 to 10% off

-11% to 20% off

– 21% to 21% off

-Monthly interest free

We tell you which are the most used methods during Hot Sale:

  • Credit cards at 45% off
  • Debit cards at 41% off
  • Departmental cards by 12%.

Get ahead of the competition and use these insights to your advantage.

Make it part of your sales strategy!

How to boost your Marketplace with financing

With the capital of the financing you can:

  • Invest in technology and data analysis
  • Expand your inventory
  • Invest in advertising
  • Improve shipping logistics
  • Grow your team

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