The price range varies between $10,000 MXN to $30,000 MXN per month. It depends on factors such as product category, number of SKUs, number of platforms/marketplaces required to operate, and the client’s advertising budget.

A) If you’re unsure what to sell or which marketplace to sell on: we help define what products to sell and on which platform.
B) If you already have a product and know which platform you want to sell it on: we set up your account and add your products.
C) If you’re already selling on a marketplace but need a boost: we help manage your account, optimize sales, and performance.

  • Digital – Product setup, listing optimization, design, setup and optimization of marketing tools such as Brand Store, A+ Content, official store, etc.
  • Advertising – We create advertising campaigns to position your products and brand in the short, medium, and long term. We develop the strategic proposal and handle implementation.
  • Consulting – We evaluate your e-commerce account to provide a comprehensive diagnosis of the current status along with an action plan to boost results. We also generate a complete market analysis to provide visibility of the product category you’re selling in and the brands you’re competing with. Finally, we develop customized marketing plans to optimize the organic positioning and paid advertising strategy of your account.
  • Account Management (KAM) – We assign an Account Manager specialized in Marketplaces to address the basic operational needs of your current account, with strategic meetings throughout the month. They handle the strategic proposal and all implementations within the account. They also manage follow-ups with end customers, feedback, and reviews as required on the platform.
  • Technology – You’ll have access to the Leadsphere app for obtaining metrics and detailed reports through advanced dashboards. With this tool, you can make key decisions based on precise information that no marketplace provides, thereby increasing your profitability.

We are a structured consulting and management company. We have an optimal service level standard for your company to achieve the growth it needs within e-commerce in Mexico, the United States, Canada, and Europe in the shortest time possible. With over 5 years of experience, we focus on continuous improvement in implementing processes in online commerce.

A team of 20+ experts providing personalized service focused on results. We handle over 50 brands between Mexico & the USA, with an average sales growth for our clients of 100% annually.

We work with all types of categories:

  • Home and Kitchen
  • Health, Personal Care, and Beauty
  • Clothing, Accessories, and Jewelry
  • Tools
  • Electronics
  • Food and Beverages
  • Toys
  • Stationery, Office, School
  • Pharmaceutical

You’ll primarily have access to a KAM (Key Account Manager) who will help resolve your inquiries regarding the operation of your account. Additionally, a commercial manager will assist you with billing-related matters.

Once you’ve accepted our commercial proposal, we’ll assign you an Account Manager (KAM) who will provide you with all the requirements you need to start the service.

We work with Amazon Mexico, Amazon USA, Amazon Spain, Mercado Libre, Shopify, Walmart Marketplace USA & Mexico.