We are official partners of Mercado Libre, which gives us access to care directly from its team of official consultants and support for solving our clients’ problems. As a complement, we have an application developed in Mercado Libre to view sales data.


Leadsphere is part of the TEC Training Partners. We participate in the Professional Stays program, which invites its students for semester periods to work in our company. This program focuses on giving students work experience for their professional development.


We offer our clients solutions in digital marketing, advertising management and promotion within Shopify, Google Ads and social networks. This through our partnership with NOWMA, a company that is an expert in digital content creation.


Our alliance with Melonn allows us to offer our clients an integral solution for their online operations. Leadsphere takes care of operational, promotional, and account management, while Melonn handles logistical processing, fulfillment, and full inventory management for marketplaces and websites. Together, we provide the most complete e-commerce solution on the market.


Our alliance with Creizer allows us to offer our clients financing alternatives. Creizer specializes in credits for SMEs operating in various sectors seeking capital to improve their operations. They employ data analysis to assess the potential of each business and provide financing tailored to the individual needs of clients. Whether it’s expanding their inventory, optimizing their logistics, or strengthening their marketing strategies, Creizer is committed to driving business growth through accessible and personalized financial solutions.


Our alliance with Fairplay enables us to offer our clients credit options. They are experts in providing credits for companies in the retail sector seeking capital to invest in inventory, logistics, or marketing. Fairplay analyzes each business using data intelligence to understand its potential and offers financing tailored to each client’s needs to drive their growth.